Life Deal You a Bad Hand?


You're frustrated, you’re disappointed, and maybe even a little pissed off. I've been there my friend, and I know your struggle.

Turn your personal shitshow into a 6-figure+ dream life of happiness and success with the Disasters to Dreams Community Workshop.

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"We bring together people that are frustrated with life, to help them transform past failures into a rocket ship to success, so that they can live the financially free, happy, and successful lives they deserve".

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  • Instant access to the Disasters to Dreams Community & Workshop 
  • Access to exclusive article library
  • Downloadable cheat sheets, workbooks, checklists & guides
  • Access to exclusive video library
  • New content every week
  • Accountability partner
  • Goal setting & habit tracking
  • Self Care planner
  • Personality profile
  • Unlimited community support
  • Mobile app
  • Beat The House with a Bad Hand video course
  • 4 FREE bonuses 
  • 14 day FREE trial
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It Sucks, Doesn't It?


Feeling trapped and stuck where you are in life.


Like every move you make seems to be the wrong one. Like you just can’t seem to get ahead or catch a break no matter how hard you try. Like life has dealt you a shitty hand. 


Before we go any further, there’s something you need to know. 


I was in your shoes and I know the feeling firsthand. I desperately wanted to be a successful person, but every decision I made seemed to be the wrong one. 

I was fired. I was divorced. I lost my home.


I lost two businesses. And I spent the better part of my adult life living paycheck-to-paycheck.


I was constantly worried about money and my longstanding lack of it. And I was pissed off at the world because I wasn’t getting what I thought I deserved.


I have a little secret for you friend. There is a way to end the frustration, bitterness, and anger. To create a life that you can be proud of. And it’s easier than you think.


If you’re like me, you’ve probably read your share of self-books, taken courses, or maybe even worked with coaches. But nothing seems to work. The whole visualizing unicorns shooting fairy dust out their asses thing isn’t cutting it anymore. 

You Daydream of a Better Life.


A life of financial security, happiness, love, and freedom. But you just can’t seem to make it happen. And what’s worse, you don’t know how


I get it, because I was just like you. I spent years looking in the wrong places for answers. I made vision boards, did my affirmations, meditated, read books, and watched videos. Nothing worked for me either. In fact, my life seemed to get worse! 


Then I had an epiphany. What if I could take all of my past failures, mistakes, and setbacks and turn them into a springboard for something great


Honestly, I didn't have many options. My life to that point had been a series of misfortunes, bad luck, miserable timing, and poor decisions. Most of which seemed out of my control.

But I Knew I Was Destined for a Better Life


I decided to look back at every failure I had experienced and put it under a microscope. Dissect it and harvest the nuggets of truth buried deep within. And what I discovered was nothing short of a life-changing transformation


I was no longer just a ‘rider on the storm’ of life. But I was finally in control of my own destiny. I was now the creator. What a powerful feeling.


The ability to leverage my past failures and setbacks has allowed me to create a 6-figure income doing something I love, find true happiness and security, marry the woman of my dreams, start a loving family, and live a life of true freedom and authenticity


And I want to do the same for you.

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No Risk, All Reward


Give the Disasters to Dreams Community Workshop a test drive for 14 days on the house. If you don't think it's the right fit for you, simply cancel during your free 14 day trial period and no charges will appear on your card. No risk, all reward

I'm Ready!

Hi, I'm Chris Patrick


Mentor, life coach, and author of Disasters to Dreams.

I’ve been there my friend. And I know your struggle.

10 years ago I found myself $30K in debt, without a home, without a job and without a sliver of hope. But through trials and tribulations, I’ve managed to turn my personal shitshow into the life of my dreams.

Today I’m blessed to coach and mentor people from all over the world teaching them how to make more money, live on their own terms and create the successful lives they deserve.

And I want to do the same for you.


Let's Do This Thing!