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Why Self Care Is Important if You Want To Manifest Money [And How You Can Thrive]

beliefs success Jun 26, 2022
Self Care


To manifest money it requires the art of self-care. And, when you master the art of real self-care, you can manifest money or whatever you desire.


Self-care is kind of like spiritual, emotional, or mental hydration. Athletes need to be hydrated to perform well, and we need the equivalent of that to perform as best we can in our life. So if you want to manifest money and THRIVE, you’ll need to take care of yourself. All the money in the world makes no difference if you aren’t “hydrated” in the right ways.


One thing that we’re not told is that self-care goes beyond going to get a massage. Yes, the massage is a tool we can use in that self-care toolbox, but the actual definition (from my perspective) of self-care is knowing when to put other things aside and pay attention to our mind, body, and spirit. It’s looking at our beliefs and structures that we’ve set up in our life and stripping away the unnecessary to get to the essentials. 


Sometimes, it’s shutting the door and taking a quick nap. It’s going outside, digging your feet into the grass to get sunshine on the face. It’s time away from the needs of everything around us to just be with ourselves. It doesn’t have to be days of self-care; it can be just minutes or hours to get what we need.


Regarding money, self-care is acknowledging that you deserve to be financially free. It requires looking at beliefs. The word “deserve” is also interesting to pick apart. We all DESERVE the best, but do we believe that we do? 


Limiting beliefs can sound like this: 

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Making money means suffering 
  • Rich people are all assholes, and so I don’t want to make money because I’m not an asshole


These are some belief systems that hinder our ability to manifest money.


If you’re operating with any of those programs playing in your mind, it’s time to look at all-things-finances in a new light.


Letting go of unhealthy belief systems around money can require a healthy dose of rebellion and a zero fucks attitude. It’s standing up to honor your dreams and your path to success without getting caught up in others’ opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do. No one knows what’s best for you more than you do. 


Inner work helps you understand your core belief systems and what stops you from manifesting the money you desire. If someone in your life keeps limiting what you should do or speaks to you in ways that keep you anchored in guilt, shame, and things that aren’t good for your life, then that person is projecting their fears onto you. Not giving a fuck about what other people think is a great way to kick fear and limitations to the curb and manifest money in your life. 


A creative outlet is another great way to care for yourself and manifest money. Things we choose as our creative outlets can impact how we can manifest money both directly and indirectly. 


Another tool in the self-care toolbox is to find something bigger than yourself and attach yourself to it. Everyone needs to feel valued and accepted; thus, starting a process to find a “tribe” can help immensely. Regardless of your life stage, finding a community to welcome (and not judge) you is essential to your success and your ability to manifest money

No one makes money without help from others!




To manifest money, we need to let go of limiting beliefs, create a self-care toolbox, and start opening ourselves to other persons who can become those “trusted advisors” who cheer us on. 


Trusting ourselves and others in our life helps us be more open to what’s possible. The universe always has your back. That’s a big one to remember. Internalizing this truth is a form of self-care, and it’s also an excellent way to manifest money, a loving partner, your dream home, or whatever you seek. Because when you know the whole universe is on your side, the possibilities are endless! 


The self-care toolbox can also include a space for you when you need to recover from hardships, heal, and get back on your feet. Sometimes it is as simple as sitting on a tree stump outside your home. Everybody needs time and space just for themselves; it’s how we can quiet our minds to listen more openly.