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Shocking Lies We’ve Been Told About How To Manifest Money

empowerment success Sep 09, 2022


The question of how to manifest money (often with the focus being on more money) sits at the top of many people’s minds (whether they admit to it or not). Many of us have probably had our fair share of thinking that the whole “manifestation” game was a crock of BS. 


We’ve been told a lot of lies about how the whole “manifestation” thing works. So, it’s not really any surprise that many of us don’t manifest MORE money (or other things) due to not having the whole “manifestation” puzzle put together for us. I’m going to crack open a few of the lies and share with you the powerful ways that could provide you with shortcuts to manifesting more money or manifesting other things that you desire in your life.


If you’re reading this article, you are obviously interested in how you can manifest more money in your life. You may have seen the movie The Secret that came out a while ago. It was all about the “Law of Attraction” and the “power of positive thinking” to “manifest your destiny.” 


Positive thinking isn’t going to do the work it takes to manifest. There seemed to be a lot of other elements to “manifesting” that weren’t mentioned. 


Have you tried having a positive mindset with grand visualizations of you enjoying the life of your dreams, only to find that nothing changed, or that things even seemed to get worse?


If you’re exasperated with trying to get the “law of attraction” to work for you, keep reading. Here are some huge lessons that I want to share here with you to hopefully make your practice more powerful:  


Manifestation is not just about positive thinking and visualizing what you want. That is big lie #1. Yes, these things are a part of it, but there’s more to it than that. You can’t positively think your way to anything if there aren’t some other things included in the process. Some of the things that must go along with a positively framed mindset when we want to start manifesting things in our life are 1) taking action, and, 2) feeling the emotions of already knowing that what you desire has already manifested in your life.

If we don’t take action steps to do the work to get to the thing we want, a positive mindset won’t get us to the win. And, feeling the emotion of already having what we want to manifest is the key that gets left out of most instructions. Don’t get me wrong, being positive is a part of it all, but it’s only a little slice of the bigger picture. 


Another big lie is thinking manifestation doesn’t work if we get the opposite of what we wanted. Stay with me here. Let’s say you want to manifest a more fulfilling relationship with your current partner. So you start practicing positive thinking, creative visualization, and all the other things you’ve been told will help you manifest your dreams. And then, your partner breaks up with you. 


It’s natural to draw the conclusion that all the stuff in movies and books like The Secret are just ways some people get rich by propagating lies that gullible people believe. 


However, there is another way to look at it. What if the break up is what needed to happen because the person you were with was not right for you? What if the universe had to orchestrate the break up to pave the way for your ideal partner to appear in your life?


You can apply this way of thinking to anything you’re trying to manifest when things seem to go the opposite direction of what you expected. Maybe you want more job satisfaction, and when you start practicing the law of attraction, you get fired. Or you’re trying to buy your dream home, and someone else offers more money. 


Whatever it is, you can assume the law of attraction is not working and give up. Or you can assume that things fell apart because the law of attraction is actually working, and that’s what had to happen as a first step. It ain’t over til it’s over! 


Another lie about manifesting money (or anything for that matter) is that often a conversation around our perception is left out. The way we perceive our realities can have a huge impact on how we see our current situation versus what we want to manifest in our lives. Our perceptions can be extremely clouded, for example, if we’re taking a victim stance in certain areas of our lives.

So, another big part of manifesting what we desire is to step back and look at whether we are taking responsibility for our lives and our actions. It was this realization that changed my whole mindset around the manifestation process. It helped me really understand how perception and responsibility are two big things to figure out as part of the manifestation process.

Taking responsibility for the events and outcomes in your own life is both immensely rewarding and—at the same time—monstrously terrifying. Nobody wants to be the one to blame if things go tits up — I get it.

Your perception is your reality and if you perceive yourself to be a victim, then that is exactly what you will be—a victim, and unfortunately, no amount of manifestation practices will change your life until these things are uncovered and dealt with. It’s some scary-ass shit. But you know what? It’s the most fulfilling and gratifying feeling in the world because it’s when BIG changes can take place and manifestation practices can open up a whole new world of possibilities. 


In the end, whether you choose to believe in the law of attraction or conscious creation is totally up to you, but I think we can all agree that you do have to take responsibility for your own future.




If you’ve played around with the law of attraction and tried to manifest something you want with positive thinking, chances are you ended up feeling disappointed. That’s because many of the sources out there that talk about manifestation leave out some of the most important details. 


There’s more to the manifestation process than positive thinking. 


I hope these deeper insights have given you more clarity, so you can take the driver’s seat and use the law of attraction to create the life you desire.