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Powerful Questions to Ask in Life [What Fighting the Good Fight Means]

beliefs empowerment Aug 25, 2022

Energy is at the core of this world, and fighting the good fight is closely related to this concept of energy. What do you put your heart into and stand up for? What questions are you asking to ensure you’re using your energy wisely? What old ways or systems are you challenging or building anew?


What Does Fighting the Good Fight Mean?


Too often, we take statements for face value and believe them when we don’t run them by our internal truth detector. Is that stat true? Is that “fact” actually a fact, or is it false (but someone got paid to say it’s true)? We also can allow our belief systems to get in the way of what’s true. The more we can put our beliefs aside to unlearn, the more this will enable us to truly see what is true. 


Suppose you have a boss in your department (let's call this person the director) that won’t choose to see outside the box. And, you know that an old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore, and you have a perfect idea to solve the problem. This fits under the “question everything” category and is part of “fighting the good fight.” Suppose this director is not open to having incredibly creative conversations since this person can’t see outside of a four-sided shape. In that case, this is when you know you must find a better way.


If an associate director is open-minded to hearing new, creative ideas, the way to “fight the good fight” in this situation is to get your powerhouse idea to the associate director. This is how you ensure that you’re heard. Then, you can let that person take your excellent idea up the chain of command.


That’s a much better way to spend your energy and a way to fight the good fight intelligently. Trying to change the director is a waste of your energy, so finding a better route becomes the more intelligent way to get something done.


In workplaces or other situations that say things are a certain way (without reasons why), but you know a better way, the power is when you speak up. A core to fighting the good fight means speaking our truth and challenging paradigms that don’t fit progress. 


What Are Some Powerful Questions to Ask in Life? 


When we’re young, we need support and guidance. When we’re young and told something is too hot to touch, we either do what we’re told or learn the hard way. And when we’re young and told we shouldn’t run with scissors in our hands, that’s clear why. But, for many people, this child-like curiosity ends as age increases.


But our discernment and ability to question everything is our most powerful ally. To put it bluntly, obedience and obeying orders blindly can be a silent killer. We lose touch with our intuition and innate ability to discern what’s right (and what’s wrong). Questioning everything is good as it puts the power back in our hands and helps us learn how to use our intuition (or, we could say, the power of discernment). 


As we get older and in a class at a school or university, for example, and we’re told something that we know is false, what do we do? Do we sit there and just accept it? Or do we stand up and say something? Fighting the good fight in this scenario means we start asking questions, stand up, say when something is bullshit, and explain why.


To ask questions or stand up for what’s right is how we start getting to the fundamentals of fighting the good fight. Here are some simple but powerful questions to ask in life that can lead us more to understand what is (and what is not) true:


Ask why more often.


Kids that ask “why” every 3 seconds is how they start learning why something is the way it is. Why does this question stop as some people get older? The more we ask this simple question in our life, the better. Asking questions helps us to learn why things are the way they are, and it can mean that we find better ways to do things. We could challenge things to be better than they are. There is always a choice to make, and we can choose to change.


Ask how more often.


Life is a culmination of experiences, and many times we just accept things and don’t fully ask how it works or how it was made. Let’s get curious again! How does energy work? How does our body work? How is our food farmed? How healthy is food for dogs and cats? These questions are endless. The simple question of finding out how something works or how something is made can provide us with insights that can lead to much more healthy, affordable, or better ways to live our lives.


Does this bring me more in line with my values or further away?


This question is powerful and can relate to just about anything in our life. You can ask yourself if a relationship aligns with what you truly value in your life or if it takes you further away. You can ask if a potential job and company is aligned with what you know is essential or if it takes you away from what you know to be true. Intentionally looking at the choices that you are making and ensuring that they are in line with your deeper values will keep you in total alignment.




Fighting the good fight means we stand up for what we know to be true. It’s putting our belief systems aside and learning what’s true, no matter the consequence. It’s speaking our truth.


Fighting the good fight is also about constantly asking simple yet powerful questions that help us learn and build fantastic critical thinking skills leading to knowledge and wisdom.