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Pitfalls Of Victimhood Mentality: The Price You Pay For Not Taking Responsibility

Jul 16, 2022

If you aspire to be a master manifester and create the life of your dreams, there’s one thing you’ll have to let go of; victimhood mentality. You may wonder what exactly is victimhood mentality?


It’s characterized by a tendency to blame other people and circumstances for your behavior or undesirable events in your life. And, while it does a great job of keeping you in your comfort zone and getting you off the hook when something goes wrong (primarily in your own mind), victimhood mentality can greatly reduce your opportunities for success in life.


I haven’t always known this though. There was a time when I would ask myself questions like, “Why can’t I catch a break,” when something inconvenient happened to me. In fact, I was stuck in my comfort zone for many years before I began to understand how the universe works, and I can tell you, it sucks. So why did I spend so much time there? Well…much like donning your favorite pair of give-up sweatpants on your way to the grocery store, your comfort zone just feels easier.


Here, in this reassuring purgatory, there are no losses because bets are never placed. There are no losers because the game is never played. And there are no risks ever taken because it seems far too hazardous to give up the one thing that remains certain: your suffering.


If you are someone who holds tightly to what feels comfortable to you and requires as little risk as possible, imagine this coming across to you via a loudspeaker in your living room…GET OFF YOUR ASS AND OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!


I do realize that taking responsibility for your actions (the alternative to remaining a victim) can seem monstrously terrifying. Because no one wants to be the one to blame when things go wrong. It’s exactly why victimhood mentality holds such appeal, especially to those of us who never want to be caught fucking up.


The downside is that you miss out on all the immense rewards that taking responsibility holds when you hold so tightly to the role of victim. And the bitter irony is that the one who plays the victim card to avoid taking responsibility is truly the ultimate fuck up. Sorry for being so blunt but sometimes we have to hear things for how they really are without any fluff.


The price you pay for lollygagging in the lounge of victimhood mentality is too great to assess. There’s no way to know the true depth of your strength and capability when you play the victim. You think you are playing it cool by always getting to declare, “It’s not my fault, it’s because of XX.” The “XX” in this equation can be circumstances, because your boss is an asshole, or because you had a shitty childhood or got dealt a bad hand, etc. No matter what the XX is, really it’s just defending and validating the fact that you aren’t taking responsibility for something.


And to keep doing this means that you give yourself permission to do the same thing over and over again keeping you stuck on the path of missed opportunities. But that winner inside you always knows the truth. Because no matter who you are, there is a part of you, deep down in your soul that knows how great you can be. It’s always there, urging you to take just one step in the direction of realizing your dreams.


Victims are never happy. Taking full responsibility, however, empowers you to do what is otherwise impossible. And empowered people are more confident and know their own value.


Once I hit rock bottom and the risk of taking responsibility became less painful than the misery of being a victim, I picked myself up and started changing the way I looked at the world. And when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Because perception is reality.


With each success, I gained more confidence in my ability to succeed, and with every failure, I gained more confidence in my ability to withstand failure. Failures are NOT mistakes, they’re opportunities to learn. I learned more from my failures in life than I learned from my successes. And failures made the successes I have experienced all that much sweeter.  It’s why I believe there really is no such thing as failure. Failure is just the universe telling you it’s time to do some more growing, learning, and becoming more of the person you are here to be.


Take it from a former victim of circumstance…..taking responsibility is WAY more satisfying and fulfilling than being a victim. And there’s no better time to start than NOW!