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How To Live With Determination and Intention

self improvement Jul 19, 2022
Live with determination

These days, most of us are experiencing some challenges, to say the least. It’s easy to get bogged down when trying to accomplish your goals during these challenging times. But practicing determination and intention can serve as a formula for guiding you toward your dreams. Yes, my friend, good old-fashioned determination and intention are still effective means for achieving your goals, even in a world of insanity.


Admittedly, I was not adept at setting and achieving goals in my 20s and 30s. I was more interested in having fun during those years.




Luckily, I did eventually learn the value of setting goals. 


It’s a necessary first step to achieving them. You have to define what you’re aiming for if you have any hope of getting it.


My advice is to take some time to define your goals for YOURSELF, unapologetically. Your goals should not be about what your boy/girlfriend, your parents, or society at large thinks you need to do or be.


An important part of the process is focusing on how you want to FEEL or what you want to EXPERIENCE when you reach your goal. This is the fuel in the manifesting process (along with your determination and intention, of course). 


Being able to fill yourself up with the feeling of achieving your goal is, in some ways, more important than knowing all the steps you need to take to do it. That’s because things rarely go according to plan.


Be prepared to experience a shitstorm or two on your journey toward your goal. Shit happens no matter who you are, so buckle up!


Determination and Intention, Your Trusty Tools


It’s time to set your intention. To do this properly, you have to talk about, think about, and act as if your goal has already been achieved. This is not about wishful thinking but about KNOWING IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.


Now, you’re ready to take action. This is where determination comes into play. You may have to take small steps in the beginning. That’s OK. Just make sure you do something EVERY DAY to get you closer to your goal.


You may not see results for a long time. 


Most people quit if they don’t see results fast enough. But you’re not going to do that, right? This is where that feeling of achieving your goal comes in. Keep it alive. Remember that’s the fuel for your determination and intention!


You’ve set your intention, you’ve filled yourself with the feeling of achieving it, and now you are DETERMINED to reach your goal! DON’T GIVE UP! 


Believe It!


Unexpected things will happen. So trust the universe and be open to alternate routes. Sometimes those turn out to be even more optimal than the route you set out on initially.


No matter what, do not give energy to the doubts your mind throws at you…because it will. Doubts can threaten your determination and intention can wane, so keep the faith.


Through it, all, continue to BELIEVE that your goal is possible and that you deserve it. 




Consider this a healthy kick in the ass from someone who really wants to see you succeed! You didn’t happen upon this video by chance.


And just to get you going with the process, think about what your biggest challenges are in staying on course when you set a goal for yourself. Remember the tools you have used in the past to overcome those challenges and hold tight to the tools of determination and intention.


I invite you to share your experiences and insights. You might be an inspiration for others.




The past couple of years have been a challenging bit of history for most of us in some way or another. But determination and intention are still effective means for setting and meeting your goals. In fact, now more than ever it’s important to recognize how powerful these two qualities can be when you are aiming to achieve success.


Just remember: You have to believe it if you want to achieve it!


What is a goal you would like to achieve?