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3 Ways to Discover Your Money Making Groove [Wealth Building and Money Mindset]

self improvement success Jul 10, 2022
Money Making Groove


If you’re how I used to be, the words wealth building may bring up some uncomfortable sensations. I know when I was at rock bottom living in a tiny one-room space, I was not interested in having a conversation about wealth-building strategies, how to manifest money or anything to do with money for that matter. I was just interested in healing the wounds of my past and I was grateful to have the time and space to do that (and it was an important part of the larger process). 


However, since I have bounced back from that low (and necessary) place in my life, I have come to understand some important aspects of wealth building, including one crucial factor, which is your money mindset. (You can read about my thoughts on how manifesting money is connected to self-care in a previous article I wrote here.)


How we think about money should be a key consideration in the wealth-building plan. 


Most of us fail to realize the significance of our subconscious mind’s influence on our life experiences. The ideas we learned when we were young, and the behaviors we developed around those ideas often go unexamined well into our adulthood. But when we take the time and effort to really examine the usefulness of those ideas and behaviors, we often find that they are holding us back from achieving our goals. Money is one area where this is very much the case for most people. 


1. Change old ideas about making money

Are you familiar with any of the following sentiments about money?


  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.


  • Rich people are assholes.


  • Money is the root of evil.


  • Money is hard to come by.


If you grew up hearing phrases like these, and you find yourself now struggling to make ends meet or to be able to do work you truly enjoy to make a living, chances are you have adopted a negative money mindset. That means, subconsciously, you think making money is a “bad” thing. Also, when you believe money is hard to come by, you sometimes have an unrelenting need to be in control of money and/or get one “over on the other guy” to get it.


It is super important to examine these internalized beliefs if you want to move out of such unproductive thinking and get down to the business of serious wealth building. 


You might be surprised how much of a difference simply changing your thoughts and beliefs around money (your money mindset) can make.


It’s a great idea to consciously replace old, negatively slanted messages about money with money mindset affirmations like:


  • Money comes easily to me.


  • I don’t have to worry about money.


  • Money flows to me with abundance.


  • Having money will allow me to do good in the world.


Having thoughts like this about money will help you loosen your grip on it. As they say in poker, “Scared money doesn’t make money.” And when you’re chasing nickels and dimes down the street like a dog pursuing a parked car, you are acting from a place of fear and missing the bigger picture.


One of the most effective wealth-building strategies I have employed in my journey towards the success I desired is to replace my usual thoughts and worries about not being able to pay the rent on time with pictures of myself living the confident and financially stable life of my dreams. I actually meditated on these visions and saw myself already doing those things. 


My daily mantra became: You never have to worry about money again.


And just as an aside here, I’d like to point out that doing small, insignificant acts, like paying for someone else’s coffee at the drive-through, are a great way to change your beliefs about the supposed scarcity of cash, and solidify the new way of thinking into real beliefs around abundance. 


Because once you believe something to be true, it usually is. 


Here’s the thing no one bothers to tell us: We create our future with the thoughts we think today. When you start to change your thoughts about money, and by acting as if you are abundant, the universe responds to your feelings.


That’s how the real law of attraction works (it’s based on thoughts aligning with actions that are aligned with emotions). We tend to think we’re living in a world of effects where we have no control over what happens to us. But really, we are the cause. More specifically, OUR THOUGHTS, PLUS ACTIONS, PLUS EMOTIONS ARE THE CAUSE.


2. Trust the Universe


Another thing to remember on your quest to find your money-making groove is that the universe has your back. That means, if you have a setback, don’t look at it as a horrible failure and decide to give up. Look at it as the universe directing you to where you need to go (sometimes it may not seem where you want to go).


I am a big believer that when things seem to NOT work out, or when things you try do not succeed, that they are really just huge stepping stones. They are bricks that give your house a foundation. If you don’t try these things, your house is made of sticks… or out of old ideas that were never as solid as real bricks.


It’s actually the failures that make the best bricks or something really strong in the end. 


Do you see how this way of thinking is another way of changing your perspective which really is your mindset? If you KNOW the universe has your back, then you see everything that happens as getting you one step closer to your goal.


You have to let go of your “plan” in many cases, and just roll with how things come onto the path while you’re still taking action and working your way towards your vision. Maybe you needed a tool or a skill that you acquired in what you would otherwise see as a failure. So, the universe allowed you to go down that road so you could acquire that new capability and carry it with you to the next phase.


And maybe you need another tool or skill before you can move on to the next phase… and so on, until you make it to your final destination. 


The reason it’s important to adopt this mindset is that focusing too much on one dream, or rigidly holding onto ideas about exactly HOW it’s supposed to happen, can leave you imperceptive to the vast array of other opportunities that will be presented to you along your path. And they WILL be presented to you.


3. Do The Work


As you can see, I am a big believer in manifesting your own success. But it took me years to get here. I had to realize that manifesting isn’t about some magic overnight pill. It’s about intention and doing the work.


Mindset adjustments won’t replace the necessity of doing the work required to make your dreams come true. However, they will make the work seem less like work. 


The key message here is to LOOSEN YOUR GRIP on outdated ideas, loosen your grip on money, and let go of preconceived notions about how to go about getting it. Then start putting one foot in front of the other and trusting the path you walk.